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Amine Zerhouni trial postponed to December 28

Indicted for “forgery and use of forgery”, Amine Zerhouri, son of former Interior minister, the now deceased Noureddine Zerhouni, obtained the postponement of his trial for a second time. Expected to take place on December 9, the trial was rescheduled for December 14 the first time before being again postponed to December 28, 2023.

Amine Zerhouni, 57 years old, was not remanded in custody when he appeared before the investigating judge who heard him on February 22, 2022 about the Sarl Les Glaïeuls case, a family business in which his partnered with his former wife, Karima Hefied, and their children. 

Karima Hefied, however, accused him of forging a document to deprive her of her shares in the business a short while after their divorce. No precautionary measure was taken against him after his audition by the investigating judge. But he is subject to a ban to leave the country (ISTN) related to another case. Amine Zerhouni, who is also an American citizen, could be facing up to 5 years in prison.