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On the spot

Therese Helene Løken Gheziel: "A Palestinian state is a prerequisite for achieving lasting peace in the Middle East"

13 June 2024 18:56

By officially recognizing the State of Palestine at the end of last May, Norway has reached a new milestone in its position on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It confirms its role as a historical mediator in favour of the two-state solution: a process with a distant and even uncertain horizon due to the current power dynamics on the international stage. Here are insights from the Norwegian ambassador to Algeria given to Twala in this interview.

The war in Gaza is pushing Jordan into a radical stance

30 November 2023 15:18

Jordan feels that the “alternative country” concept is now taking an unprecedented space in the Israeli conscience, with the “transfer” idea as a main pillar of this concept. This notion is closely linked to the war ...

From the Inferno of Gaza: Bidding Farewell to Neighbors amidst Shelling

17 November 2023 18:46

In Gaza, within a community steadfastly resisting the recurrence of the tragic displacement and migration events, we witness the specter of death a thousand times each day.