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Celebrating Independence, Awaiting Decolonization

29 September 2023 12:56

In this poem, Ariella Aïsha Azoulay describes the euphoria of Independence, the ugly face of colonization, the rape of the city of Algiers, the "hijacking" of liberation as well as the exclusion of the Algerian Jewish community to which she belongs.

The many lives of Algerian cinema

20 September 2023 16:33

After a period of drought, caused by the drying up of its only source of financing, Algerian cinema was reanimated recently thanks to the new (short lived?) commission to help cinema projects, under the authority of ...

The genius of Ahmed Stambouli

17 September 2023 12:22

It was a day, a summer, a year during which one of our greatest painters departed: After Mahdjoub Ben Bella, Abdellah Benanteur, it was Ahmed Stambouli’s turn to give us a bad surprise on July 17, 2020. ...

The long history of theater in Constantine

4 September 2023 11:52

Since the days of Cirta under Massinissa, when Greek troupes from Rhodes used to visit and perform in the city, theater has always occupied a prestigious place all along the history of Constantine.

An evening at a Chaabi retreat in Bologhine

4 September 2023 11:43

It wouldn’t occur to you that there’s an entrance at the foot of a mountain. It leads you to deep stairs which bring you down to what resembles a cave or a grotto with ...

“The slave who became king”, an immoral account of a struggling feature film

28 August 2023 12:49

Viviane Candas-Mathieu is a movie maker. She is the scriptwriter, author and director, among other things, of a film about her father, the historical FLN lawyer Yves Mathieu. A “slave who became king” script she co-wrote ...

“Barbie” ban and the issue of representation in cinema in Algeria

17 August 2023 15:05

Film professionals think that the best way to solve this issue would be to allow the emergence of Algerian movies in significant numbers, in order to enable all Algerians to recognize themselves on the screen.