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Our commitments

  • A journalist’s primary mission is public service. They encourage society’s open debate and give voice to those who don’t have any.
  • To limit resorting to anonymous sources as much as possible and to reserve it for cases where disclosing a source’s identity exposes them to risks.
  • Every article must be accompanied by the author’s name, headshot and a short bio.
  • To not touch on the private lives of citizens and public figures, except when it is in conflict with public interest. To try and limit the damage in this case.
  • To refuse any gifts, bribes or financial advantage from external sources and whose aim is advertisement and public relations.
  • Advertisement statements from companies cannot be published as is. The prospective information they may contain must be used, if they serve public interest, in articles that meet our standards.
  • A journalist must not belong to any political party, they must leave their ideological tendencies out of their journalistic writings and must resign from the media outlet in case of their candidacy to a political role.
  • To respect the presumption of innocence.
  • Sources are never paid.
  • Scoops, short articles and publishing advertising statements never helped make the Algerian press any better.
  • Precision in transmitting and editing news is primordial. To commit to correcting mistakes if they are made.
  • Plagiarizing is prohibited under any form (text, photos, videos). To always get in touch with authors or producers if needed.
  • Moderation in news reporting, in order to meet the needs of readers without affecting the honor of those concerned by media coverage.
  • Journalists must adhere to the job’s ethics and to its written and unwritten rules. They must make newsroomes places of debate and constructive conflict of ideas in service of the outlet’s prosperity and public service.