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Israel bombs hospital in Gaza, killing over 500 people

The Israeli occupation army bombed the Baptist hospital in Gaza on Tuesday, October 17, killing at least 500 people according to an initial report by the Health ministry in Gaza.

According to Quds News Network, the Israeli military aviation targeted the Baptist hospital where hundreds of families had taken refuge from the ongoing airstrikes in the blockaded strip.

The bombing came “without prior warning”, according to the same source.

Among the people killed in the airstrike are many of the wounded victims who were being treated at the facility, as well as families who had taken refuge in the hospital’s court, according to multiple reports.

This latest atrocity comes as the Gaza strip is witnessing daily airstrikes from the Israeli occupation army. Over 3000 people were killed, including over 1000 children, in the Israeli retaliation to the October 7 attacks by Hamas and other Palestinian resistance groups. The latter killed over 1400 people in a devastating incursion into the Israeli towns and kibbutzim surrounding the Gaza strip.