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Mokri says he’s banned from leaving Algeria

Former MSP (Mouvement de la Société de la Paix) leader Abderrazak Mokri said Thursday, November 30, that he is banned from leaving Algeria, without specifying the reason why. 

The politician detailed in a Facebook post that, while attempting to travel to Qatar and then to Malaysia two days earlier, border police informed him that he is not allowed to leave the country. 

“While discussing with the officer who was charged with informing me [of the ban], I discovered that he doesn’t know anything about the subject except that I’m not allowed to leave”, Mokri wrote. 

Individuals under investigation in judicial proceedings can be banned from the leaving the country. This is an official procedure ordered by a judge and accompanied with passport seizure. But Mokri said that he is not the subject of any court proceedings. 

“This decision by security services is contrary to the constitution and the laws”, he said. 

Further in his post, Mokri claimed that he is banned from leaving Algeria “because of my support for the Palestinian cause”. 

Abderrazak Mokri was arrested and then freed by police on the night of October 17, following his call to Algerians to take to the streets to protest the bombing of Al Ahly hospital in Gaza.