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Raouraoua’s Swiss secret

27 August 2023 11:11

Slithering between football, media and culture, Mohamed Raouraoua is first and foremost a businessman, bouncing back like a jumping ball. This public employee became a merchant before starting a long career in football bodies, but he ...

The trial of Raouf Farrah and Mustapha Bendjama

24 August 2023 16:23

A nightmarish custody for Mustapha Bendjama, the circumstances of unlocking his phone, accusations rejected by Constantine’s specialized criminal court. This is Twala’s account of the trial.

Frigomedit: How a strategic company failed

14 August 2023 16:25

Frigomedit did not accomplish any of its missions relating to safety stocks, local market regulation or the export of Algerian products. Besides, it was ousted by public authorities in 2016 from the proceedings of establishing safety and ...

Algeria: Power balance within military at stalemate since Gaid Salah era

14 August 2023 16:23

Some army top officers were reinstated after being sacked in the aftermath of the DRS (Département de Renseignement et de Sécurité) disbandment. This may suggest an attempt to rebuild the intelligence superstructure, but the ...